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OF WORK.Powered by AI,made by humans.

Robo.CEOis a collaboration platform which connects creative and skilled individuals, and empowers them to build a new ecosystem of online organisations.

We connect people with skills and knowledge

in an accessible marketplace where they can find flexible roles in scalable organisations; working on what they want, from where they want, when they want. They can feel part of a community and earn a real share of their work’s success, by receiving equity in the organisations they work in.

We empower people with business ideas

with an expert ecosystem where they can be matched with the skills, knowledge or investment they need to refine their ideas and bring them to life. They can form a team and then begin building a functioning organisation in a few clicks, with minimal bureaucracy. And they can share risk and responsibility through collective ownership and management.

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of interconnected organisations

We’ve already run all Robo.CEO core operations through our AI-powered collaboration platform for over a year, and our first organisations are now emerging. As this ecosystem grows, its human resources will self-organise into effective organisations of all different types. Not with traditional corporation boundaries or employer/employee relationships, but with software guiding resources to where they’re needed most, and supporting users to define the relationships that result.

Robo.CEO Core

Robo.CEO Core

Building the software that powers the Robo.CEO ecosystem and getting it into your hands!

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Building tailored web applications for better businesses. RoboApps is the first Org in the Robo.CEO ecosystem. It’s supported closely by the Robo.CEO core team and it utilises the extensive Robo.CEO codebase, allowing it to build effective client solutions fast. Read more, and learn about RoboApps work opportunities below.

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Pilot Orgs

Pilot Orgs

We are now starting to open our doors to pilot organisations, so your idea could soon be brought to life, with the close support of our core team. Join us!

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What makes Robo.CEO unique?

Smart Matchmaking

Skills profiles, a reputation system and a smart matchmaking engine allow you to be quickly matched with flexible roles which maximise your skills, with ideas that inspire you and with the collaborators you need to take your own ideas forwards.

Organisation Management

Once you’re part of a team, your organisation doesn’t need to be supported by a headquarters a hierarchy or a wider tool-set. It can grow from inception to scale through our org management system alone.

Management AI

Our management AI is key to processing the volume of information that runs through scalable, innovative organisations; defining strategic objectives, prioritising tasks, communicating deadlines and sorting information items.

Effective Collaboration, for real people

People are biased, they argue and they don’t know who to trust. Our reputation system, crowdsourced discussion trees, merit-based voting system and gamification provide a behaviourally sensitive tool-set which helps to align individuals in effective teams.

Results Management

Our legal plan allows organisations to grow without the burden of having to form their own LLC or open their own bank account. Value is easily and reliably tracked through our dynamic share system and payments are made through Robo.CEO´s accounts. Friction is reduced, but protections are not.

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Embrace your friendly robot overlord, and be more collaborative.

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