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We make collaborative self-employmenteasier,fairerand moreaccessible.
I have an idea
Robo.CEO is for those who have an idea but lack the knowledge, networks, time or money to turn it into a business.
In a few clicks, with minimal bureaucracy, Robo.CEO users can begin building functional businesses. Access to an open, international community of potential collaborators and investors gives the users the support they need for their projects to grow.
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I have skills
Robo.CEO is for those who want the freedom, flexibility and accessibility of the sharing economy, but do not want to be limited to low skilled and low paid work.
Robo.CEO provides the low barriers-to-entry of companies like Uber and AirBnB, without restricting the type of work that its users can undertake. With projects based around other user's ideas and projects that clients have outsourced to the marketplace, contributors will be able to find a wide variety of roles. Contributors earn equity in the project they work on, which provides them with a real share of their work's success.
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I'm an investor
Robo.CEO is for investors who want better access to the start-up market.
Robo.CEO's exchange will allow workers and projects to sell their shares directly toinvestors. This will give workers flexibility in how they are rewarded for their work and investors direct access to start-up opportunities which they could not otherwise find. Investors have flexibility in when they buy and sell their shares and a rich source of information on which to make their investment decisions.
Clientswho outsource to the Robo.CEO marketplace can manage their projects directly through the platform, collaborating closely with those they hire to ensure that their work is always moving in the direction they want. Our search and recruitment features allow unique teams, with exactly the skills that a client needs, to be assembled and updated easily, with no paperwork. Once work is completed, clients simply send their fee to Robo.CEO and our dynamic share system sorts out who gets what.
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Robo.CEO is growing fast, with a pilot phase scheduled forlater this yearand a soft launch scheduled for mid 2018. Through our mailing list, you will get more information about pilot opportunities and updates on our progress.
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Robo.CEO acts as a
to its
projects, allowing them to run effectively without a defined leader
Management AI
Our management AI helps direct the flow of information through each project's underlying structure.
Simple commands allow users to input new ideas, raise discussion topics, create tasks and share their work in seconds. Our management AI then ensures that everyone is kept up-to-date with the information they need to conduct their work, by sending notifications, prioritising tasks and checking that work is being completed.
Discussion Trees and Votes
Advanced discussion tree structures and voting systems are easy to use but complex under the surface.
Discussion topics are raised by users and then supporting arguments, counterarguments and consensus points are made easy to view through a combination of AI and crowdsourcing. Votes are intelligently weighted by trust, merit and ownership, and small decisions only require the input of those they are most relevant to. Truly collective decision making becomes practically effective.
Reputation system
A reputation system helps cultivate mutual trust and incentivise against bad behaviour. Reputation ratings are displayed as a simple star-based system, but under the hood they incorporate the quality of each rating, protecting against gaming and ensuring fairness.
Search feature
Our search feature allows specific skills, backed by a wide range of evidence types, to be used to match users with tasks accurately, both within organizations and across the marketplace as a whole.
Integrated services
Our projects save time, money and staff-hours through Robo.CEO's many integrated services. These include communication channels, task-management, recruitment and time-tracking.
Dynamic share system
Our legal plan allows projects to grow without the burden of having to form their own LLCs or open their own bank accounts. Value is easily and reliably tracked by our dynamic share system and payments are made through Robo.CEO's accounts. Friction is reduced, but protections are not.
Welcome to the future's workplace
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